I have always been a passionate and enthusiastic photographer.  Growing up I was the one, camera in hand, chronicling my families adventures.  While my career path led me towards management and bodywork, I never lost sight of my love for digital art.  After a successful and fulfilling 25 years, it's time to return to my true calling.  It is because one of these adventures was so special to me that I named my company after my trip.

Living in the Berkshires, I have unlimited access to the most stunning natural backdrops which are perfect for family and individual portraits as well as sports photography.  I also love to travel, which lends me the opportunity to document some great landscapes and wildlife.

As a graduate of The Hallmark Institute of Photography, I am well versed in many camera types, sizes and lighting techniques.  But my best asset is my lighthearted, fun loving personality.  this allows me to make even the harshest critic relax, and laugh a little, and let the camera capture their true personality.

I would love the opportunity to work with you, whether it be still portraits, action shots or a special event.

Hancock, Ma
Wendi Koch              

2015 Kangarooland Photography

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